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10,000 laps in 100 days

There are so many great fund raising efforts happening during this difficult time and we very much appreciate each one. It may seem unfair to single out one effort, but sometimes an individual sets themselves a challenge so demanding that it simply has to be put under the spotlight.

Navy Wings Supporter, David Higgs, has set himself a target of 3km per day in his garden. The extraordinary element is that David is confined to a wheelchair and his goal is a spectacular total of 300km in 100 days.

David comes from a naval background. His father, Geoffrey Higgs, was a Fleet Air Arm pilot who went on to become a highly respected test pilot with over 100 aircraft in his log book and was involved in the development of both the EE Lightning and Concorde. These experiences are described in his excellent book ‘Frontline and Experimental Flying with the Fleet Air Arm’.

David’s own naval career was cut short by a tragic accident, but it was his father’s love of the Fleet Air Arm that moved David to become a Navy Wings Supporter and set himself this massive challenge.

This is the embodiment of the Fleet Air Arm ‘Can do’ spirit and an inspiration to us all in these dark times.

It’s a great challenge and a worthy cause. Please show your support for David by donating via his Justgiving page.