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As anticipated in the previous issue of the Oily Rag, we received back the Pegasus Engine P17574, having been freshly repaired and overhauled (R&O) by Deltair in Hampshire.  The engine will replace P38804, which you may recall is currently with Weald Aviation Services in Essex for a pre R&O inspection.

The Babcock team are currently in the process of fitting P17574’s ancillaries prior to the whole assembly being installed in the Swordfish W5856, which will require a ground run and check weigh prior to flight tests. While we are not expecting to be permitted to fly the aircraft until early in 2021, in the meantime it will be great to work up the team on their ground handling, as getting the Swordfish onto dispersal and started is not as simple as one might imagine as you can see in the video below.


In other news, the Chipmunk WK608 is being weighed today, following the replacement of her engine earlier in the year. She has also had a trip to the furthest reaches of the airfield for a compass swing, so as to recalibrate the compass away from any other magnetic influences. We are in the process of registering this aircraft with the Light Aircraft Associate (LAA), and she too, will need ground runs and check test flights before we can use her for training sorties.



Finally for those who may not have seen our advertisements, we are currently recruiting engineering personnel, both paid staff and volunteers. If you would like to get involved please do apply, you can find more details on the positions here.