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Sea Vixen

Work is continuing on the Sea Vixen and the team have received an interim set of repair drawings for 4x rear frames and skin sections, the team are working hard de-skinning in preparation for the repair work. The engineers have so far removed 500 rivets and 50 spot welds that held the skin together, and to the airframe. This work has involved approximately 100 hours of work over a 3 week period and has removed 50% of the damaged skin. The overhaul of the canopy continues and the team are currently investigating stbd main wheel well fuel tank access panel leak.

Sea Fury T20

Following a leak the prop seal has been changed. During one of the routine training flights of the Sea Fury T20 , upon landing the starboard braking failed, but there was no damage to the airframe and the pilot, Dave Mackay was fine. The brakes have since been bled and after a few taxi tests, all has come up serviceable!

Swordfish W5856

The annual Winter maintenance programme has now been started in earnest, starting with the magnetos being replaced. Internal inspections to check for corrosion and damage and fabric checks have taken place, the starter motor has been replaced and the team have removed the propeller checking for cracks. The Swordfish hasn’t flown during 2019 because the Charity is still waiting for the Swordfish to be gifted by the Royal Navy, this process is still going through parliamentary process. Once this has happened we can transfer the Swordfish W5856 to the civil register and she can be flown by the Charity.

Swordfish LS326

The engine is currently being overhauled by Deltair Aerospace Ltd, a company that specialises in engine repairs.


The replacement engine is undergoing an overhaul at Deltair and is almost complete and ready for testing!

Sea Fury FB11

Along with the Swordfish W5856 and the Chipmunk, The Sea Fury FB11 is in the process of being gifted to the Charity by the Royal Navy and we are waiting for the formal transition so that we can move her to the civil register in order to be flown.

Wasp Has 1

The transponder altitude has been adjusted and there was a successful check test flight carried out by pilot Keith Copus.

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