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Beds and Bars Live Your Life Awards

The  ‘Live Your Life Awards’, presented by Beds & Bars in Association with Navy Wings, are presented to a Junior Rating who has performed with distinction and stood out from their peer group.

The RNAS Yeovilton winner is LAET Trowbridge-Smith who has proven himself to be a pivotal member of 825 NAS and the Royal Navy and received the following commendation from his CO.

In LAET Trowbridge-Smith’s primary role as a mechanical traded supervisor he has excelled, thereafter volunteering for many other roles within the Squadron.  Not only has he shown a level of commitment far out reaching many of his peers, he has also shown to have an abundance of spare capacity, with the wide range of additional tasks he has aided the Squadron management team with. The additional roles have all been outside his primary role terms of reference and many working beyond his normal hours.

A reliable, committed and a trustworthy LAET who has an infectious and refreshing attitude towards the traditional ethos of the Royal Navy; evident when recently represented the Royal Navy at the burial of a World War One Royal Naval Division sailor, whose remains were recently discovered near Arras, France.  A role that he enthusiastically volunteered for and a trip he was most suited to be selected for from amongst his peers. Outside of the Royal Navy, he is organising a visit to a local dementia home for the second year running for Remembrance Day.

Consistently giving all that he can to the Squadron and the Royal Navy, he sets a flawless example to be followed by his peers.

The level to which he goes beyond that normally expected, was highlighted when he identified that the infrastructure around the flight line was less than optimal and with some alteration could be make more efficient and deliver Flight Safety benefits.  He sought the funds and re-designed the area, thereafter did the necessary carpentry work to build partitions and counter space.  Drawing in other volunteers, he led the team to conduct the entire project within a 24-hour period such that the makeover was completed without interruption to the force flypro and at no cost to the Squadron or the Royal Navy. Most of the tools used were his own and he also provided many of the materials to help complete the job. His selfless attitude has now ensured the Squadron has a larger and much-improved Line office.

Often called upon to assist the engineering management team, of note he has recently assisted the Senior Maintenance Rating in erecting the new Squadron bike sheds and maintaining those already erected.  Again, his selfless attitude saw him working hours beyond his normal working routine to ensure the work was completed in very little time and again using all his own tools.

The winner from RNAS Culdrose is LSC Williams who played an important role with the maiden deployment of HMS Elizabeth in August and received this recommendation from his Commanding Officer.

The latest Royal Navy carrier was due to commence her maiden deployment to the Eastern Seaboard of the United States and it was critical she sailed in the right material state to commence First of Class Flying Trails (Fixed Wing).  As we know all too well in the military, events do not always go to plan and several operationally critical stores – for both the ship and the embarked Merlin Squadrons – had to be delivered after QE left the ‘wall’.  Enter LSC Tom Williams. August was a leave period at RNAS Culdrose and without experienced Senior Rate cover immediately available, LSC Williams was suddenly inundated with a series of high priority operational stores requests.  Further, the stores had been routed initially to HMS Gannett on the West coast of Scotland and finally he only had one other Supply Chain SME to deal with the flood of signals and emails coming in from the Ship.  Williams, who had little more than 3 hours sleep a night during this period due to the frequency of signal traffic, liaised with the Air Operations team to link up with an incoming CHF Merlin and re-routed the equipment to West Cornwall to meet that flight.  He maintained effective communication with the ship throughout and prioritised the kit to ensure the right equipment arrived on board when it was needed. It would have been easy for LSC Williams to simply wait for someone with more experience to arrive or explain that he would only have helped the Culdrose based Squadron.  Instead, LSC Williams seized the opportunity to provide essential assistance and in doing so saved valuable time.  In the words of the CPO SC on board:

‘LSC Williams has been key.  His organisation, problem solving, attention to detail and regular polite concise communication provided reassurance and ensured a very smooth and effective onward movement. We’ve also had him extremely early today to meet a D state, which arrived late – again his pragmatic attitude and professionalism was evident.  He also sent us some newspapers out which was really appreciated and made us all smile’.

LSC Williams played a vital role in the delivery of essential equipment to HMS Queen Elizabeth and in the words of the Commander Carrier Strike Wing:

The stores we embarked were essential to the CVW in our support to Westlant 18 and allowed HMS Queen Elizabeth to depart UK home waters for the first time to cross the Atlantic for FOCFT(FW)’. 

His grit, graft and appreciation of the bigger picture clearly demonstrate LSC Williams is deserving for this award.