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Beds & Bars Live your Life Awards

The ‘Live Your Life Awards’, presented by Beds & Bars in Association with Navy Wings, are presented to a Junior Rating who has performed with distinction and stood out from their peer group. Spring 2019 winners are LWtr House and LA Village.

‘LWtr House performance over the last 6 months is above what is expected of her. She volunteered to attend POWtr QC despite not yet being selected. It was evident that she successfully prepared for her professional training by her achieving a high pass average on POWtrQC. Consequently, she was afforded the opportunity to perform as (Local) APOWtr Appraisals. In this role she has reinvigorated and simplified how the OJARs and SJARs are captured and hastened. Undeterred by her Local Acting rank she respectfully, but firmly, ensures that all Reporting Officers are held to account for the completing appraisals on time and that the Promotions Office and CDR L are kept abreast of the situations of any possible late reports.

Her experience has been integral in introducing the junior E1 into the UEA and Appraisals processes and installing confidence in her new role. As the Sub-Department Training Co-ordinator, she has eloquently taught the junior AB1s the requestmen processes and medals applications which has led to the ABs being able to gain experience in this area prior to the first front line assignments. She has taken full ownership of AB2 training and included external Sqn Writers and ensures that they meet a high standard of knowledge prior to them sitting the AB1 Oral Board, this is evident in the high 90% pass mark that is being achieved. Furthermore, she has taken the lead in instigating whole department CLM training, using her Enhanced Training Leader competency for a physical task and her AEDA training to encourage ‘home town’ presentations. These presentations were formidable in helping everyone appreciate other backgrounds and lifestyles’.

Leading Naval Airman Katie Village joined the Royal Navy in 2008 and has never looked back. She has approached her many roles with passion and seeks to maintain the highest standards for herself and her teams. An experienced and professional Naval Airman she currently fulfils the role of Assistant Establishment Fire Safety Advisor.

Having recently completed her level 4 Fire Safety Risk Advisors course, she now holds practitioner status and provides assurance to the Head of Establishment that fire safety practises are being maintained across the Station by diligently completing building Fire Risk Assessments and MAAC inspections on aviation units.

An inspirational leader and role-model she assists in the running of Mullion Girl Guides and happily gives up her spare time to conduct weekly training and assists in challenging activities. Alongside this she recently stepped up to become the manager of RNAS Culdrose woman’s football team where her team spirt, courage and values led to their first win in 931 days.

This leadership, professionalism and courage was put to the test in July 2018 where being the first on scene at a significant road traffic accident outside RNAS Culdrose.

Rapidly assessing the situation and realising the severity, she immediately called the required emergency services. She then applied first aid to a casualty with life threatening injuries until emergency services arrived, remaining with the casualty for the duration of the incident while Fire Crews used cutting equipment to extract her. Her ability to quickly form a bond through intelligent and emotional questioning, undoubtedly increased the casualties’ chances of survival. Her ability to act without hesitation, apply first aid and deliver in a highly pressurised situation personifies the Naval Airman motto “Nostris in manibus tuti”; Safe in these hands’.

Congratulations to the winners!