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Bismarck 80 Challenge

Welcome to the Navy Wings Bismarck 80 Challenge

Complete 80 km in memory of the defeat of the German battleship Bismarck in the Second World War. Attacked by plucky Swordfish biplanes flying from HMS Ark Royal, the Bismarck was crippled and unable to escape her pursuers.

Just sign up, complete 80 km and send us your evidence by 27th May and you will be invited to attend a special Bismarck Swordfish Day in the hangar this summer, when restrictions lift. (The visit will be open to Supporters of the charity only, as restrictions apply when accessing the hangar.)

Sign up using the form below, load an app onto your phone or sports tracker, complete your challenge distance, then let us know how you got on! We will email you full details once you have signed up.
Good Luck!