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Virtual Fireside Chats

The Navy WIngs Series

Virtual Fireside Chats

The Navy WIngs Series

Every Navy Wings Partner company is given a seat in the “room” for these small, exclusive talks from some of the UK’s leading defence experts. The intimate discussions and small group sizes mean that your staff can hear from the experts and ask questions. Places are restricted – the number of places allocated to your company depends on the company’s Partner membership level.

Select the Fireside Chat of interest and register for the event using the links below.

Navy Wings is extremely grateful for the support of the following officers and senior civil servants who have given their time to the charity to support our Fireside Chat series.

13 July

Air Marshal Rich Knighton

Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Military Capability)

Integrated review and Defence and Security Industry Strategy: its implications for industry

27 July

Lt General Rob Magowan

Deputy Commander Strategic Command

Commando Force Transformation and Multi-Domain Integration – Opportunities and Next Steps 

10 August

Commodore Ade Orchard

Deputy Commander Military Aviation Authority

Will aviation regulation stifle or supercharge aviation innovation?

9 September

Cdre Nick Walker

Deputy Director Force Generation

Future Maritime Aviation Force and how the FAA will pivot to its future 

28 October

Air Vice Marshal Linc Taylor

Chief of Staff Capability

Warfighting differently from the Air domain aka (Mesh, Quantum, Swarms & Dumpsters)


17 November

Air Vice Marshal Paul Godfrey

Commander United Kingdom Space Command

Own, Collaborate, Access: How UK Space Command will support the United Kingdom 


15 December

Vice Admiral Rick Thompson

Director General Air

Agile Procurement in the Air Domain – How Do We Achieve It?

26 January

Vice Admiral Keith Blount

Commander Allied Maritime Command

Title: TBC

Date TBC

Rear Admiral Martin Connell

Director Force Generation

Title: TBC