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Crowdfunding Campaign Update

We are delighted to report that we have had an extraordinary response to our Crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to create a documentary that commemorates invention, courage, achievement, and sacrifice of the Fleet Air Arm.

The initial target of £15,000 for location shooting was achieved within hours! This shows the importance with which this project is viewed by the Fleet Air Arm community.

We were planning to run a second campaign to raise funds for editing, but we now have a new aim – to raise all the necessary funds for both elements in this single campaign.

Our new combined target is to raise £35,000. Even though we are past our first target, we still need our supporters to continue to back this project. With your continued support we can get there and get the project underway.

All funds raised contribute to the completion of this important film.

Thank you if you have already supported this project.

Photo: Buccaneer on HMS Eagle waist cat about to launch [John Eacott]