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The Fly Navy Air Show at Shuttleworth was a spectacular and hugely successful day.

For Navy Wings it was our first major Air Show as a heritage flight since we took ownership of the aircraft from the Royal Navy and it was a triumphant return to public view.

The impressive aircraft line-up, the atmosphere and the whole naval aviation experience had the crowd enthralled. From the excitement of the Gazelle Display Squadron, followed by the Seafire, Spitfire and Sea Hurricane opening the show, to the fantastic Balbo finale, the pace and excitement of the flying programme was fabulous. The icons just kept coming and the helicopters including the Navy Wings Wasp wowed the crowd and photographers alike!

Five Navy Wings aircraft went from Yeovilton and a further six Navy Wings Associate Aircraft took part, including a 1916 Maurice Farman S7 making its first public appearance. The aircraft, which is being restored by Navy Wings Ambassador, Tom Harris, is a WW1 RNAS trainer and when finished will be the only S7 flying anywhere in the world.

The Fly Navy Air Show was a huge collaborative effort between Shuttleworth, Kennet Aviation, Navy Wings and The Fighter Collection and is already being hailed as the best air show of the year.

The Navy Wings Seafire display by Chris Gotke was a highlight of the show and for Navy Wings Ambassadors and their guests viewing from the Ambassadors’ Marquee, it was an important opportunity for them to see their support in action.

Guests included actor Robert Lindsay, pictured with Navy Wings President Admiral Sir George Zambellas.

20 members of the Fleet Air Arm Squadron, including Denis and Margaret Woodhams, pictured, also joined guests in the enclosure for afternoon tea. “As well as seeing so many beautiful old naval aeroplanes, one of the things we especially enjoyed was spending time with the Navy Wings pilots and aircrew,” said Denis. “We were looked after so well, and felt a very special connection with the aircraft, the Charity and our Fleet Air Arm heritage in a uniquely personal way. It was a wonderful day!”

Aircraft photography by Lee Howard.