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Small But Deadly: Helicopters in the Falklands

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Two Helicopters … One Mission

Navy Wings is teaming up with the Army Flying Museum to deliver a special online event where distinguished Falklands veterans talk about their experience of flying helicopters during the conflict.

On the 12th May, we will be taking you back to 1982 to hear stories from pilots who flew the Westland Wasp and Scout during the Falklands War.

Lt Cdr Tony Ellerbeck DSC was Flight Commander aboard HMS Endurance in the South Atlantic when he suddenly found himself at the sharp end of an escalating conflict.

He witnessed the Argentinians put ashore the first landing party on South Georgia, he dropped Special Forces onto the island in response, and conducted three attacks in one of the Wasps on the Argentine submarine ARA Santa Fe using AS-12 missiles; this was the first time ever a guided missile fired in anger by the Royal Navy.

Col (Ret’d) John Greenhalgh DFC AAC who was posted to 656 Squadron Army Air Corps becoming the Scout Flight anti-tank commander.

During OPERATION CORPORATE in the Falkland Islands in 1982, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for casualty evacuation and SS11 armed action operations with the 2nd and 3rd Battalions the Parachute Regiment at Goose Green, Mount Longdon and Wireless Ridge.

Please note, the content of panel discussion are based on the experiences and views of the guest speakers.

Live event starts at 7pm on 12th May. For best viewing results use Google Chrome.

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