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Legacy Giving

Supporting Historic Naval Aviation

Few people today are aware of the perils of flying from ships at sea or the important part played by the Royal Naval Air Service and Fleet Air Arm in our nation’s history. When they see the rare and remarkable aircraft of the Navy Wings collection flying, they are overwhelmed by the stories of the young men who flew them and the heroic and daring missions they undertook.By remembering the Charity in your will, you can help ensure that these magnificent aircraft are not lost forever to future generations, and that the pioneering spirit, courage and sacrifice of all those who have served in the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm, to whom the nation owes such a debt of gratitude, will never be forgotten.

The hazards of flying from ships at sea are much greater, than flying over land resulting historically in many naval air casualties from accidents as well as combat. Landing on a pitching and rolling flight deck, fog, storms, high sea states, mechanical failure, navigational difficulties and limited endurance were factors that often played a part in naval aviation losses and sadly many naval aviators were lost at sea with no known grave.

Your legacy will help keep the Swordfish flying at annual remembrance ceremonies and at air shows around the country.

You might also consider making a donation in memory of a loved one or friend or ask for donations made at your funeral to be gifted to the Charity. Legacy giving often brings a great sense of pride and lasting peace. Thank you for supporting us in this way. If you have any questions or would like to visit us, see the aircraft or talk to the Chief Executive or a member of the team, please do call us on 01935 842005 or email

If you have already made your will, and you have decided that you would like to include a gift to Navy Wings you may not have to completely rewrite it. If it is a simple addition to your will, you can use the form below and keep it together with your will. If you need any advice, you should ask a solicitor to help you.

Online Tributes and Donations

It is becoming accepted practice that Funeral Directors offer an online tribute service, an opportunity for family and friends to celebrate your life, share memories and make a donation to your chosen charity. Online donations made in this way are the same as a donation plate at your funeral service. If you wish Navy Wings to be your chosen charity, please make your wishes known to your family and they can make the arrangements on your behalf.