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‘Live your life’ Awards

The ‘Live Your Life Award’, presented by Beds & Bars in Association with Navy Wings, was held on Wednesday 26th 2020 in London.   These awards  are presented to an inspiring Junior Rating who has performed with distinction and stood out from their peer group.  The team from were welcomed by Keith Knowles (the Chief Executive of Beds & Bars), along with some of his Board members for a lunch in London, followed by an evening of entertainment and accommodation overnight. The awards were presented by CEO of Navy Wings Cdr Jock Alexander.

Mne Joseph

Despite a frenetic work backdrop, which saw him deployed for 6 months of the year on exercises in Norway, Germany and in the UK, Marine Joseph’s selfless commitment to the Corps has been exceptional. Using his own leave, he sponsors RM aspirants from the Commonwealth, who are unknown to him beforehand. This year, Marine Joseph has used 15 days’ leave to provide accommodation and transport for RM aspirants, as he ushers them through their compressed selection process, before ensuring their safe passage back home. To date he has successfully enabled 3 Commonwealth entries into RM basic training at CTCRM and has demonstrated the gains that a dedicated individual at any level can achieve towards resolving an Operational Pinch Point.

AET Kyle Boyd has consistently demonstrated output and ability above and beyond what is expected of his rate, and his constant enthusiasm and determination has resulted in a highly successful 6 months within 820 Naval Air Squadron.
Whilst maintaining aircraft he has shown praise worthy fault-finding skills, significantly aiding the operational output of the squadron; and on taking on a new role of Publications AET has expanded his knowledge whilst meticulously conducting all tasks to a high standard.
Kyle gets involved across the Squadron from Welfare Committee to Social events planning always with a noticeable impact and should be proud of his contributions to the Squadrons output this past year.