Owned and operated by Historic Helicopters

This Sea King is former Royal Navy HC4 Commando ZA314 with construction number WA918. One of forty two Sea King HC.4 built, she saw her first flight in 1982 and was subsequently flown by 846, 845 and 848 NAS. She received her civilian registration G-CMDO on 17 June 2019. After thorough restoration, the British CAA released a Permit to Test on 13 August 2020. ZA314 still carries its dark green Royal Navy livery with code WT.

She is now owned by Andrew Whitehouse and has been restored to flight by the Historic Helicopters team.


The Westland WS-61 Sea King is a British licence-built version of the American Sikorsky S-61 helicopter of the same name, built by Westland Helicopters. The aircraft differs considerably from the American version, with Rolls-Royce Gnome engines (derived from the US General Electric T58), British-made anti-submarine warfare systems and a fully computerised flight control system. The Sea King was primarily designed for performing anti-submarine warfare (ASW) missions. A Sea King variant was adapted by Westland as a troop transport and was known as the Commando.

In British service, the Westland Sea King provided a wide range of services in both the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. As well as wartime roles in the Falklands War, the Gulf War, the Balkans conflict, the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War. The Sea King is perhaps most well known in its capacity as a Royal Navy Search and Rescue (red and grey livery) and RAF Search and Rescue Force (yellow livery) helicopter. The Sea King was also adapted to meet the Royal Navy’s requirement for a ship-based airborne early warning platform.



Cruise Speed






CREW – 2-4


Cruise Speed – 129 Mph
Range – 764 Miles
Ceiling – 12,000 ft
Rate of climb – 2,020 ft/min


Length – 55 ft 10 in
Height – 16 ft 10 in
Main rotor diameter – 62 ft 0 in
Main rotor area -3,020 sq ft


Empty weight – 14,051 lb
Gross weight – 21,000 lb
Max takeoff weight – 21,400 lb


2 × Rolls-Royce H.1400-2 Gnome turboshaft engines, 1,660 shp (1,240 kW) each


4× Mark 44, Mark 46 or Sting Ray torpedoes, or 4× Depth charges
Provision for a door mounted machine gun of various calibers