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Run Like Fury Launched

We are delighted that our latest fundraising campaign is now live! Run Like Fury, which invites supporters and new followers a chance to own their very own Navy Wings aircraft inspired medal just by pledging a £10 donation to the charity and recording a 5k distance. With five to collect and featuring our Wasp, Sea Vixen, Sea Fury, Chipmunk and Swordfish, the ideal opportunity to get out and stay healthy whilst supporting Navy Wings has never been more prevalent. Are you ready to complete the challenge?

Run Like Fury, was inspired by our own much-loved Sea Fury, this aircraft was one of the last propeller-driven fighters to serve with the Royal Navy, and one of the fastest production single reciprocating engine aircraft ever built. Can you be the fastest to compete 5k? Navy Wings are recording all distances and times and will publish the top three results along with a special gift from Navy Wings.

During these uncertain times, and like many other charities across the globe, we are asking our supporters to donate in any way they can to keep our historic collection ‘alive’ for future generations to enjoy. The campaign will run from April to September, and medals will be available until stocks run out to those who register in that time. We have a limited supply of each which makes this an exclusive collection and we hope anyone interested will sign up early to avoid disappointment!

If you take on the challenge, why not share a selfie? All you need to do is register on our website for the medal(s) of your choice and complete the distance. Send us a screenshot of your distance and a selfie! Your registration and completed distance will guarantee you one of our limited-edition medals and by taking a selfie and sending it to us, we will enter you into our prize draw to win a VIP family tour of our Heritage Hangar to visit your favourite historic aircraft!

We can’t wait to see your distances, we have had some very interesting locations so far! To get started, tap the button below.