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Sea Fury

Funding the Future

Following the Sea Fury T20 accident on 28 April 2021, when the aircraft was extensively damaged as a result of engine failure coming into land at RNAS Yeovilton, the insurance underwriters have formally assessed the aircraft as a write-off.

Sea Fury T20 G-RNHF (VX281) has given exceptional service flying with great élan at air shows and events around the country and has been a much cherished aeroplane. However, the cost of repairing her, particularly rebuilding her complex Bristol Centaurus 18 engine is beyond the financial resources of the charity.

With the costs of repair higher than the cost of replacing her, the Trustees have taken the decision to sell the aircraft and use the proceeds to help towards the acquisition of a replacement – funding the future.

A lengthy rebuild would also mean a valuable aircraft out of the programme for several years.

As the charity is fortunate to have a second Sea Fury already in the collection, an exciting acquisition being considered is the possibility of a Seafire, the naval variant of the Spitfire. The charity doesn’t make these decisions lightly and none of our aircraft are treated as just another aeroplane, but important examples of the compelling story of naval flying and the skill, courage and sacrifice of those who flew and maintained them.

The hope is to have another iconic historic naval aircraft flying in the skies of the UK soon!