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Sea Fury Winter Maintenance Update

The Sea Fury T20 is under going Winter Maintenance at North Weald.


To give an idea of the work involved in keeping the Sea Fury in flight and how our supporter’s help us, below is the list of tasks for the engineering team during this Winter’s routine maintenance programme. Inspections are to be carried out with rectification if required. Other operations include removal, dismantling, assessment, testing, cleaning or replacing and sometimes repainting.

Areas of particular interest during this period include looking into the following;

Hydraulic Pump and Hydraulic hand pump
Tailwheel strut
Anti-surge valve
Starboard Engine cooling door
Engine hot air intake
Wing root panel anchor nuts
Main oil tank
Exhaust clamps
Flap knuckle joints
Main wheel bearings and main wheel tyres
Undercarriage pivot arms
Wing fold jacks and hydraulic pipes
Flexible fuel pipes
Flexible brake pipes
Rudder pedals
Aircraft battery
Various oil seals and remedy any oil leaks!
Corrosion treatment if necessary

Signing up as a supporter, donating, and fundraising for us means that we can pay for the work to maintain the Sea Fury and keep her in the skies!