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Engineers are busy keeping the Sea Vixen in ‘suspended maintenance’ whilst a repair and recovery plan is being developed with a view to sustaining her for a five to ten year flying period and will include generating a spare engine and other key components.

Investigation by the 1710 NAS Structural Materials Investigation section has confirmed that the landed gear failed to lower as a result of a mechanical break up within both the normal (Green) and standby (Red) hydraulic systems pumps. The pump break up was caused by a seizure of the pistons within the Green and Red hydraulic pumps possibly due to the ingress of a yet unknown contaminant entering the hydraulic pumps. Forensic work by the 1710 NAS Structural Materials investigation is ongoing to identify the contaminant and its source and a first draft of the report presenting their findings is in progress.

Hydraulic samples have been taken to establish the hydraulic  integrity of the systems with 1710 NAS assistance (Chemical Investigation Section) and a viable recovery plan is in progress. To help the charity raise money to keep nationally significant aircraft in the skies for future generations, please consider donating today or signing up as a supporter for just £30 a year and be part of the Nation’s heritage story.