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Keep your heritage flying

We need your support

Navy Wings relies entirely on public donations to keep this national collection of historic naval aircraft flying at events around Britain to remember the bravery of those who operated them in extraordinary conditions in war and peace.

This important national collection includes unique examples of aircraft that were operated by the Fleet Air Arm from 1937 onwards.

The collection acts as a living memorial to the sacrifice and achievements of the past and aims to inspire future generations by telling the remarkable story.

How can you help Navy Wings?

You can become involved and help to keep the collection flying in several ways. They include making a Donation, becoming a Regular Supporter, playing our Weekly Lottery with its fantastic prizes, shopping in our unique online Flight Store or by leaving a Legacy.

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Become a Supporter

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Leave a Legacy

Supporting historic naval aviation in your will

Play Our Lottery

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Get Involved

What can you do to help us keep them flying?