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Britain's Top Guns - The Fleet Air Arm Story

Britain’s Top Guns – The Fleet Air Arm Story

We will tell a story of sacrifice, comradeship, invention and achievement that begins in 1908 with the earliest beginnings of British naval aviation.  Viewers will meet generations of the FAA family, right up to today, both at sea and on land. They will discover the historic aircraft that FAA pilots landed on carriers – the ultimate flying skill. Some of these warbirds, like the Swordfish, Seafire, Sea Fury and Sea Hawk, are maintained and flown by Navy Wings, to commemorate the thousands of FAA servicemen and women, air and groundcrew, who gave their lives for their country. Behind each aeroplane lies an extraordinary story, which we will hear from aircrew, deck crew and engineers, old and new, including Captain Eric Brown RN, the FAA’s most famous aviator. In addition, we will highlight the innovations developed by the FAA, which revolutionised flying at sea and are still in use today with navies around the world 

Our Debt to the Past 

We owe it to those men and women who served over more than a century, across the world’s oceans, to bring their little-known story into the public consciousness. The Fleet Air Arm played a crucial role in both World Wars, Korea, the Middle East, the Falklands and in many other conflicts throughout the 20th century. It is still busy today protecting the interests of Britain and its allies globally. The FAA’s story is unsung, but it must not go unrecognised. 

The project has the full backing of the Royal Navy and the support that we have received from the Fleet Air Arm community has been extraordinary. 

The Documentary 

This film is being made to cinema standard, for multi-platform global release. It will be finished during the first half of 2024, when it will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and VoD and for TV distribution. Nicholas Jones is the Producer and his experience, from three decades as a specialist documentary maker, will enable Navy Wings to make this film quickly and economically, but without compromise to the highest standards.  


We would like to thank all those of you who have contributed so far and brought this project to life. Our initial phase of Crowdfunding, to cover the costs of location shooting and editing, is now over. However, we face many more costs as production progresses. If you have only just heard about this initiative and want to be a part of it, we would welcome your support. Anyone who donates £25 or more will get a free copy of the DVD when it is released and other benefits are available depending upon the level of support. 


Film final few testimonies

Film the historians

Record the narration

Develop the graphics

Gather relevant archive material



Why are Navy Wings delivering this project?

Navy Wings exists to ”Fly to Inspire and Remember”. Our ambition is that this story is told for the first time from beginning to present day, largely through the ‘lived experience’ of those that were and are there. We hope it will inspire the younger generations to aspire to the same heights, demonstrated by Fleet Air Arm though its history. We should be proud of the Its ethos, people and achievements. We must remember and honour those who have gone before.

In addition, we will record previously untold testimony and include unseen images, delivering a huge input to our national history.

Lastly it will make many more people aware of the charities work and provide a net income to Navy Wings to continue our work.

Britain’s Top Guns

The Fleet Air Arm Story