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AssociateTiger Moth

Welcome to our newest Associate Aircraft

We are delighted to welcome de Havilland Tiger Moth DH 82A N9328 G-ALWS to the Heritage Hangar.

The aircraft, which is owned by Navy Wings Chief Engineer Jim Norris, has now moved from Henstridge and has taken her place amongst the Navy Wings collection at Yeovilton as a new associate aircraft.

The Tiger Moth will be used to train current/former FAA helicopter and fast jet pilots to fly open cockpit tail dragger aircraft. It’s an excellent stepping stone onto the Swordfish, exactly how it would have been done in the past. Most Fleet Air Arm pilots who joined up between 1930s and 1960s would have undertaken their Elementary Flying Training in a Tiger Moth.

When asked how he acquired the Tiger Moth, Jim said “I gained my pilots licence as a 17 year old but let it lapse because I couldn’t afford to keep it up. In my mid-forties, I had a bit more money (and time) and decided to treat myself. I saw shares in the aircraft for sale. I was the first person to respond, and immediately went to have a look. I was so charmed by the set up at Tiger Moth Training (where it was restored) that I decided there and then that I would buy the first share. It was only driving home that it struck me that I didn’t want to share it with anyone so I ended up buying the whole aircraft.”

Tiger Moth DH 82A N9328 leaving Henstridge bound for Yeovilton